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  Susanna R
  글쓴이 : Susanna R     날짜 : 20-08-24 16:30     조회 : 630    

시작가능일 : 2020-11-01

성명 : Susanna R

성별 : Female

생년월일 : 1998//

국적 : USA

현재위치 : USA
선호하는 강의 : Kindergarten
선호하는 지역 : Seoul/Busan
자기소개 : have experience tutoring college students as a teaching assistant in college where I held weekly sessions to teach and review material and answer any questions. I also have experience managing and training students in my position as a College Campus Center manager. I have completed a 120 comprehensive TEFL teaching course which has taught me different teaching methods and learning styles. I am motivated, hard-working, and care about students and their academic performance. I have spent the last year working as an Accounting Specialist, which has given me a personal insight into the world of business, communication, and email composition. This experience has ignited a passion to create lessons in business english, and help young learners communicate efficiently and effectively.