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  Hannah G
  글쓴이 : Hannah G     날짜 : 20-04-28 10:11     조회 : 793    

시작가능일 : 2023-03-01

성명 : Hannah G

성별 : Female

생년월일 : 1998//

국적 : USA

현재위치 : usa
선호하는 강의 : Kindergarten
선호하는 지역 : Seoul
자기소개 : have a passion for teaching students from my previous work babysitting, and being involved with students in both daycare classroom environments. I am willing to be flexible and understanding towards students specific needs in order to further their success in language learning. I am committed to being an essential part of student development, as they will eventually immerse themselves in society. Because of this I want them to feel confident in the skills they obtain from their language learning program.