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  Parker H
  글쓴이 : Parker H     날짜 : 19-06-26 08:23     조회 : 1050    

시작가능일 : 2023-03-01

성명 : Parker H

성별 :

생년월일 : 1993//

국적 : USA

현재위치 : usa
선호하는 강의 : Kindergarten
선호하는 지역 : Seoul area
자기소개 : Teaching has always been a very familiar part of my life because my mother made a career out of teaching elementary and middle school children. She earned her Master’s degree in Education and has been teaching for over 30 years. I have always looked up to and admired my mother’s ability to teach and handle a classroom so well. I hope someday I will be able emulate her ability to provide a student focused and nurturing class while teaching English as a foreign language. I would bring a passion to the classroom that would be infectious to the learners and motivate them to succeed in the English course.