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  James M
  글쓴이 : James M     날짜 : 15-11-09 18:20     조회 : 1482    

시작가능일 : 2016-02-26

성명 : James M

성별 : Male

생년월일 : 1987//

국적 : USA

현재위치 : USA
선호하는 강의 : Elementary
Middle School
선호하는 지역 : Seoul
자기소개 : I am an experienced EPIK English teacher with about 2 years of experience in Korea, as well as teaching experience in The United States. Over the past 1 year and 8 months, I have become a much more efficient and effective teacher by learning new techniques and skills from my coworkers and helping to organize big school events. I have taught all ages of elementary school students and I am able to adapt each lesson to the appropriate level of each class. In addition, I am able to vary and diversify each lesson in order to keep the learners attention (i.e. songs, board games, group activities, memorization activities, team solving, story building, etc.) My current school is considered a global model school, which means I should create my own lessons and add a global element. For example, I taught a lesson about natural disasters and where each one is most likely to occur in the world. Lastly, our school has an annual Global Festival. I was responsible for helping to organize and plan this event. We gather people from different countries and they teach the students for a day about their country and culture. I am responsible for checking their lessons and helping to fix and assist them.