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  Cierra S
  글쓴이 : Cierra S     날짜 : 15-08-20 10:43     조회 : 829    

시작가능일 : 2016-01-25

성명 : Cierra S

성별 : Female

생년월일 : 1986//

국적 : USA

현재위치 :
선호하는 강의 : Kindergarten
선호하는 지역 : Gyeonggi-do
자기소개 : Teaching is a rewarding experience. I taught for one year in Korea and I loved it. I have not found a job that is more personally satisfying than teaching. I enjoy the kid’s reactions as I share stories from my home country with them. It also feels great to have the opportunity to open doors for students by teaching them the English language. I want to further embrace Korean culture and to continue to inspire students to learn the English language and use their language skills to help them connect with people around the world.